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Volcano Shelfie

Volcanoes have always been intriguing to Damian and after being gifted with a volcano model from Learning Resources, we knew we needed to set up a shelfie for it!

Here is the link to our IG Reel where you can see a quick video clip of them enjoying the set up.

Below you will find each activity broken down.

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The Learning Resources volcano is perfect for little learners because they are able to actually see it erupt! It comes with a very easy to follow recipe and a removable tube so clean up was a breeze. 

Sensory Mini Bin with Dinos

As soon as Damian noticed we were going to set up a volcano shelfie he immediately brought over his dinosaurs. We added some Playfoam Pluffle and they played for a good while! The texture of the Playfoam is very unique and was definitely Mia’s favorite.

Volcano Video

To help them really visualize a volcano I did a quick search on YouTube and played a video for them. They were able to see a real life volcano erupting as well as listen to the sounds of the eruption!

Letter V Practice

We practiced writing the letter V with two activities.

First we took our Didax sandpaper letter cards and practiced writing the letter V on sand.

After we had some practice with the sand, we moved on to actually writing the letter V with this free printable


Hubby took the kids on Saturday to our local public library and checked out a couple volcano books. The library is our go-to for themed books as they have almost every topic you can think of! Amazon and Half Price Books are also great places for affordable books. 

Final Thoughts

Setting up a themed shelfie doesn’t have to be stressful. Check out our previous Instagram post here where we break down exactly what you need to set up your own. 

Overall, the kids loved this volcano themed unit! It kept them engaged a good while as they had several activities to learn from. 

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