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Charnea Jones WOTM November 2021

I am thrilled to share with you our November Woman of the Month- Charnea Jones!

I had the honor of working with Charnea a couple years back and always admired her funny, authentic, and kind soul. That admiration rose to another level when we interacted more on social media and got to see each other start and grow our little families. 

Because Charnea is such a genuine and beautiful person, I could not pass up the chance to spotlight her as our November WOTM! 

Read below to read her story.

First, let me say this is such an honor to be MamiTHinks Woman of the Month. Thank you, Liz, for asking.

What can I say I am one blessed woman! God has been so awesome. I am a giver, an encourager, a woman of faith, and a helper. I love to pour into people.

I am also a wife to handsome and loving man as well as a mommy of 2 beautiful girls, Kenzie and Zuri. I can honestly say life has been good but there has been some trying times.

I was 30 years old when I became a mother and two months after having my daughter, my mother suddenly passed away. This was totally unexpected, heartbreaking, and it completely shattered my world. Here I am two months post-partum, a first-time mommy, my emotions are in overdrive and BOOM my mom is gone. I remember thinking why my daughter has to lose her grandmother before learns how beautiful and wonderful, she is?

BUT GOD!!! My mother raised my sister and I to believe in God and to have faith. I knew my mother was a God-fearing woman and her faith never wavered. This May will make 5 years since she passed, and her spirit is well alive today. I carry her with me every day and because of my faith I know she is watching over me, my sister, and her grand girls.

When I lost my mom, my husband was the one told me to focus on how my mom would want my sister and I to live. My husband lost his mom at the age of thirteen and was able to comfort me from his own personal grief experience. Which brings me to talking about my man!

My husband and I have been married for seven years and together for fifteen years. Let me tell you when I say I love my husband, as Toni Braxton said, “I love me some him, another man will never do.”

In the bible, Songs of Solomon chapter three verse four says I have found the one my soul loves. My husband has been my rock when I needed strength, my shoulder when I needed to cry, and protector when I needed to feel safe.

When we were dating and began having conversations about marriage one thing my husband told me is that when we did get married, he wanted to continue dating me. My first thought was okay, we will date. Then I realized he wanted to us to stay us.

We have little ones; therefore, it can be hard to find time for us. Before we were mom and dad, we were us. About a year ago, we decided we would plan one date night per month. No matter what was going on, one night out of each month we take time to be just us. This is our time to reconnect, catch up, and enjoy some good flirty conversation.

I always encourage couples to make time for each other. As parents we can get so caught up in our children and their activities that we forget to be husband and wife. Which leads me to my advice to you ladies out there.

My advice is to find balance. Be sure to find some time for you as a woman. Before you were in a relationship, married, or a mom you were you. I am learning how to find time to take care of me and not feel guilty about it. Remember you deserve it mama! You work hard, go above and beyond so take that trip, get your nails done, go have drinks with your girls. You can not care for others, if you are not taking care of yourself.

Final Thoughts

The way this couple radiates self-love, love for their marriage,  and love for their family is truly impressive! Finding balance is what it is all about! It is easier said than done, but taking it one step at a time helps a lot. Following incredible advice like the one Charnea shared is key. 

For our freebie of the month, not only did our WOTM share how she keeps her marriage alive with the advice mentioned above, but she also shares 3 of her favorite date night choices. 

Two of these places are here in Houston while the other is a date night in. When having a night in, the key is to be intentional about it! Charnea shared with me that a typical date night in for them includes them putting the girls to bed early, ordering food, and playing a game! One game she mentioned is called Skin Deep- Couple’s Edition. It is a card game where partners take turns asking each other questions. 

Whether you decide to get all dressed up and go for a night out in the town, or you stay in, the point is to continue to love and date each other!

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  1. Angela P.

    Amazing! Congratulations Woman of the Month Charnea Jones! I’ve known Charnea to be a loving and kind woman of empathy and compassion! I’m proud to call her my friend!
    You deserve it!

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