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Jamiee Diaz WOTM July 2021

We are thrilled to share our July Woman of the Month Jamiee Diaz! Jamiee is an entrepreneur currently growing her business and thriving, but it was not always like that. Read below to see what she has to share with us.  

Hi! I am Jamiee from Mom Buns and Mayhem. I am the mother of two beautiful boys and we are a blended family. I have been through a lot and navigating blended family life can have it’s ups and downs, but because of this journey I have learned to embrace the mayhem of motherhood, and to never give up. I would like to share a little bit of that journey with you today to hopefully inspire you and help anyone who may currently be struggling. 

Something I speak about, but only briefly on my blog is my past experience with domestic violence. I’ll be honest this isn’t a topic I touch often because even though my physical wounds have been no more for many years, emotionally some things on certain days I still struggle with. However, when Liz from Mami Thinks came to me asking to be Woman of the Month and speak I knew though this was something I needed to address.  It wasn’t easy learning to stand on my own after getting out of the violent and toxic situation I was in for myself or my oldest son. We struggled. I was unemployed when I left and we were even homeless at one point, but knowing where I am now every struggle and hardship was WORTH IT.

Fast forward to now, I welcomed another beautiful child – my oldest son got the brother he had always asked me for that honestly I wasn’t sure was in my cards, and I am a business owner with multiple side hustles, and a supportive boyfriend. That doesn’t mean I currently have no struggles or the road to get here was easy, however what I do always have is hope and the will to never give up.

To get me through the struggles I’ve face and those days that are just overwhelmingly stressful I try to focus on my goals, praying, and positive affirmations, so I have decided to share some of those affirmations and create printable cards for Mami Think’s readers.

Whatever is setting you back or heavy on your heart just remember you are not alone and you are capable of SO much- even on days you doubt yourself the most.

You’ve got this,

XO Jamiee 

Final Thoughts

We are thankful Jamiee shared her story as we know it took an incredible amount of courage! For our freebie, Jamiee created these beautiful affirmation cards. You can download the cards below.

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