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Megan Stevens WOTM April 2021

This month we have the honor of sharing with you Megan Stevens as our April Woman of the Month. 

I first learned about Meg and her shop last year while scrolling TikTok (which by the way has now grown immensely and is close to 500k followers)! It was a beautiful video showing a breathtaking breastmilk piece of art. I was immediately intrigued and  headed to her site to learn more. Shortly after, I placed my order!

Communication with her was fantastic and when my very own pieces finally arrived in the mail, I was blown away! HERE is the full unboxing video on my breastfeeding highlights tab on IG!

After receiving my breastmilk art, I kept in touch with Meg and have had the chance to follow her incredible journey growing her small business that goes beyond being a business. 

Keep reading to see what she has to share with us!

Hello, I am Meg the owner/creator of Tree of Hope Creations. We celebrate and support you through all of life’s journeys. It is truly an honor to be able to be a part of so many women’s journeys! We are known for our breastmilk creations but also work with an array of inclusions including hair, umbilical cord, placenta, ashes and more. My goal is to create something that you will love and cherish forever. 
Our story: This all started when my husband created a piece for me when I had met my one year breastfeeding goal with my youngest. This was a HUGE goal that I had set and though we had many obstacles we made it!  But, when my husband searched all he found was breastmilk jewelry and though I love jewelry I was always terrified to lose it. So he took it upon himself to create a piece that I would love. After opening it on her first birthday and ugly crying I showered a few friends and family who pushed us to start doing it for others. I am proud to say we have been apart of hundreds of journeys!
Through this business I always swore I would listen to my “gut” and follow it wherever it may lead me. This has also lead me to the loss community where I have found a sense of relief and healing helping others after our own loss. 
We are forever growing and changing to accommodate all journeys of life and I am forever grateful to be able to be honored as April’s Woman of the Month.

Final Thoughts

Meg is a beautiful soul with an amazing talent that we just had to spotlight! She has a heart of gold and the way she shows up for all of her customers and followers is incredible. She pours her heart into each and every single creation. 

For our freebie, Meg decided to gift our readers with a discount code! Use code MAMITHINKS at check out to receive a 10% !!!

Below you can find her website as well as her social media so you too can follow her extraordinary journey!





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  1. Carmen Riches

    Meg and her husband Cody absolutely rock personally and with their precious heartfelt entrepreneurship.

    1. Elizabeth

      very well said!!!!

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