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Madeline McKnight WOTM February 2021

For our February Woman of the Month we have the pleasure of spotlighting Madeline McKnight.

Check out what this fearless and committed mujer had to share with us:

You can’t make money online…
Is what I told myself for years while working away in my cubicle – which I hated! 
While working full time at a busy law firm as a paralegal (in which I made decent money but was still underpaid) I landed a side-hustle as a social media evaluator for a large data company in which I analyzed social media posts and predicted trends in the online space that companies would use to market to their audience. In that role I learned all about your favorite social platforms like IG, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. 
A few months into working for this online data company I realized that my purpose and passion was to help Latina moms monetize their skills, master social media and build a profitable business they love from day 1!
Why Latina moms, specifically? Well, because:
1.Our work ethic is unmatched & yet we are underpaid in every corporate role & I want to help us change that!
2. Latina moms have the knowledge, power and skills to build a business that is in demand and will service other women entrepreneurs (without the need to go back to school!) 
3. I have crossed this journey myself & built a business using those tiny pockets of time we have in between raising our chiquitines, helping with school, managing a home and everything else we mamas do!
In my ‘everything must be perfect phase’ I took a leap and launched my less than perfect business in 2019. Hey, sometimes you MUST take messy action! Since then I’ve helped countless Latinas embark on their entrepreneurial journey to master social media, create content with ease, learn to close sales, and have a business that truly speaks to their authenticity and connects them with their ideal clients. 
My goal in 2021 is to connect, teach and help more Latina moms how to start, grow or expand their business via my @latinasocialmediacoach page and my new signature coaching program designed for the Latina mom who’s ready to build their online business in less time than it takes to watch a Netflix series! Get first dibs on this program by signing up for the waitlist (via the link in my IG bio!). 

Final Thoughts

We are extremely thankful Madeline decided to share her inspiring story with us.

For our freebie, Madeline is granting FREE access to her 60 minute Hashtag Training. All you have to do is share this post and tag her on your social media. Below you will find her social and contact information:

Madeline McKnight

Business & Social Media Coach

Founder of @mujerpreneursociety

MadelineMcK & Co. Social Media Solutions


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