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Hispanic Heritage WOTM September 2020

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15.

This month we decided that instead of spotlighting 1 WOTM, we’d celebrate all women with a hispanic background!

We could easily list Hispanic women and their accomplishments, but we decided to dig a little deeper and do things a little different this time around. 

When you ask a woman what she loves about herself, she will blush and scramble to find some words. Honestly, you can’t blame us. We often think of ourselves last. It may be selfless, but honestly, it’s not the way to live.

In the Hispanic culture specially, you are taught to be humble to not risk being labeled creída o alzada.

Well, this month we are switching things up!

We will be writing a love letter to ourselves because self-love is THE best love.

Save the letter template below and get started today!

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up Hispanic Heritage Month, I hope you took enough time to not only celebrate our culture, but also celebrate yourself!

Don’t forget to pass this along to other powerful Mujeres so they can write their own letters. 

Talk soon!

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