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Top Fall Activities for Toddlers in Houston

In Houston, we do not get much of a fall weather feel.. but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy fall activities!

Check out the baby essentials you’ll want to get before you enjoy your outings.

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  • A stroller is a must in case your little one gets tired of walking or wants to go down for a nap. You’ll want something lightweight yet sturdy, we love and always recommend our Chicco Mini! 
  • If your little one prefers a carrier, one with a seat like this is definitely one you want to get. 
  • A versatile diaper bag is also needed. Jujube is a fave around here since its waterproof. Now if you  want something more seasonal, the last picture is also a great one. 

Once you have your essentials packed, you are now ready for the real fun! 

Check out a couple of the following activity recommendations below and make sure to follow along on our Instagram and Facebook to get updates.

**Don’t forget to always call ahead to any establishment and double check prices, hours, and availability as things are constantly changing due to the pandemic.

Dewberry Farm

Dewberry Farm is about an hour away from our house, but definitely a fave because of how unique and fun it is. Things may look a bit different this year, but they are still worth checking out as they have activities the whole family can enjoy.

Some activities at Dewberry:

  • pumkin patch
  • corn maze
  • carousel
  • pig races
  • flower picking
  • barnyard
  • train ride
  • apple cannons
  • giant roller slide
  • pedal carts



Zoo Boo

The Houston Zoo is definitely one of the top places my littles enjoy. During fall, everything gets a little sweeter as they offer Zoo Boo. Fall themed activities and decorations make our visit that much more enjoyable.

Discovery Green

Discovery Green is a park we visit year round! They always have fun events going on. Previously they hosted one of our favorite displays ever- moon garden. So interactive, fun, and FREE! Make sure to check their calendar to be up to date with their events this year. 

Old McDonald's Farm

Old McDonald’s Farm’s size is exactly why it is one of our fave destinations year-round. It is not too big and not too small. Just perfect for our toddlers. Whether they play in the hay or pet the animals, they enjoy their time during the entire outing. As the cherry on top, during fall, each child gets to take their own little pumpkin home.

Franklin Drive Through Safari

Ok Franklin Drive Through Safari is not in Houston, but hear me out, the 2 hour drive to get there is perfect as a little day trip and so worth it! Here is a previous post I wrote about our experience there. Our little loves thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to go back!

Froberg's Farm

I debated adding Froberg’s to this list for a good while. We’ve only been there once and our experience there started off amazing! Everything is spaced out and the sunflower field is a perfect spot for great pics. Towards the end, my youngest started getting fussy as she needed to nurse. I asked an employee there if they had a designated nursing area to which she replied “No. Just go use the restroom” Um you can just imagine my reaction. A lot of places don’t have a nursing area and I understand that, however her ignorant demeanor was a huge turn off. 

A couple friends have gone to the farm since then and they enjoyed their visit, so hopefully the staff member I encountered was just having an off day or something.  

Kemah Boardwalk

Kemah Boardwalk is also a place we frequent year-long since it’s only about 40 min away from our home. Nothing like riding the nice ferris wheel or having lunch by the water. 

During fall they have their own little festival we will be checking out for the first time this year! We are thrilled to check out Boo on the Boardwalk. Again, make sure you are following us on Instagram and Facebook to get real time updates.

P-6 Farms

P-6 Farms is a new spot we will be checking out this year. It is about an hour away from our house so it will be a fun little quick day outing. We’ve heard great things about it and our friends that have gone say it is similar to Dewberry farm, so we will report back on it as soon as we go.

Update: We visited P-6 Farms on their opening day for this season and loved it! The staff is incredible and there’s tons of activities for the whole family to enjoy- sunflower field, pig races, pumpkin patch, rides, slides, and so much more!

Church Pumpkin Patches

Our last fall activity recommendation is visiting pumpkin patches at your local churches. Every year different churches around town put up beautiful and unique little patches. As we visit different ones this year, we will be sure to update you guys.

Update: We visited Dayton First United Methodist Church that’s about 25 minutes from our home and fell in love! We went on a weekday so we had the whole patch to ourselves! The littles loved playing and mama was able to snap some great pictures! #momwin


Final Thoughts

The pandemic will definitely cause things to look a lot different this year, but please just be patient and flexible. 

Our littles deserve to still have fun, we just have to find a safe way of doing so. 

I hope this list gave you a jump start on brainstorming fun fall activities for your little ones.

If you go to any others that are not listed, please share so we can join in on the fun!

Talk soon!

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