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Heather Garcia WOTM July 2020

For our July Woman of the Month I am ecstatic to feature a remarkable woman I have the pleasure of knowing- Heather Garcia.

Read below to learn more about this captivating lady and what she chose to share with us! 

First off, I would like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Heather Garcia. I am a 30-year-old Hispanic born and raised in Houston, Tx. I am a mother to one beautiful and firece daughter who is getting ready to turn two years old in just a few weeks. I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have now been together for about 13 years.

When MamiThinks asked me to be her July woman of the month. I was very surprised and grateful. I felt special for a change and thought “well what is it about me that is so special”? I had to think for a while about what exactly I was going to write about. “Will I write about my life, my family, career, or my small business”. I wear so many hats that I don’t ever stop to smell the roses and appreciate myself and everything that I take on. I’m sure most women can relate.

I grew up in an urban neighborhood of Houston, Tx. I was a shy and very quiet girl. Always following the rules and never really enjoying being a kid. I was an over-thinker. I knew as a child that I wanted to be a successful person in life. When I turned 22 I graduated with my associate’s degree from San Jacinto College.

Soon after that, I decided I wanted to pursue a career as a police officer. I believe what led me to make this decision in my life was certain situations were I felt a lack of power and respect as a Hispanic female. After becoming a police officer I decided that I wanted to return back to college. I then obtained my bachelor’s degree in Human Services which was great asset to my career because I gained much knowledge about society, diversity, and ethnicity.

After being in law enforcement for five years I became pregnant with my first daughter. My pregnancy was very hard for me mentally. I suffered extremely from anxiety and OCD. I felt alone, scared, and confused. After really evaluating my life, seeking professional help, and finding the best treatment for myself. I now no longer have to say I suffer from anxiety and OCD. I have OCD and anxiety but it doesn’t define me nor does it control my life as it once did.

I feel that we go through certain situations in our lives to learn a lesson from them whether it is a good or bad lesson. I believe its always for a reason. I now know myself better than I ever have before and I love myself even more. I know exactly what I want in my life and that is to only be happy. When you gain emotional awareness it changes you in an amazing way and can help you succeed in life.”Emotional awareness helps build better relationships, can help us talk about feelings more clearly, avoid or resolve conflicts better, and move past difficult feelings more easily”.

I live by these few quotes:

  • don’t make assumptions
  • never stress about what you cannot control
  • don’t allow others to control your emotions and reactions
  • lastly, take control of your mind, body, and soul

Trust me when I say that it was not easy finding peace with my mental illness and learning to take control of my life. It took a lot of reading, therapy, and self-care to get to where I am now in life. I have good days and I have bad days. I always have to remind myself how blessed I am and that I will have bad days but tomorrow will be a brand new day.

What has been very helpful for me financially and mentally is opening my small business. After having my daughter I started planning her first birthday party. I was searching for things for her to enjoy at her first birthday party. With her being only one, small, and barley walking I realized that there is not much to do for toddlers and babies at parties. While searching on Pinterest I came upon soft play in another state.

Soft-play is a safe and fun play area that can be set up anywhere for your babies to enjoy. I searched for this type of business in Houston and only found one company but was out of my budget. I then came up with the brilliant idea to start my own soft play business that can be affordable for families like mine. That is when Little Explorer’s Mobile Soft Play was born.

My small business has been such a blessing in disguise. It has taught me how to run business, customer service, social media, content, and much more. I have met so many wonderful people on the way. My favorite part about it is the babies being able to enjoy my soft play equipment and making fun memories.

Now I have to be honest about the cons of having my own small business. Did I mention that I still work full time? Well this has been the hardest part juggling my full-time job as a police officer, being a mother, wife, running my business, and taking care of myself. Of course, I have an extra income but I also lose time spent with my daughter and I give up my weekends off to set up for parties and events.

I won’t say it’s a piece of cake because it is not but I have learned to balance it all while still keeping my sanity. Balance is extremely important when taking on many different task in your life. Like I mentioned before my small business has been a blessing in disguise because it keeps me busy, my mind focused, and gives me something I look forward to doing. Once you find something you truly enjoy it’s a game-changer.

I would like to end with this, never be scared to be vulnerable, to discuss uncomfortable topics, or to be honest. You are who you are supposed to be and be proud of it. The people who truly love you won’t judge you and they will admire you no matter what. You should never have to explain yourself to anyone.

Also, acknowledge your self-worth. No one will pat you on the back more than your self. Reward your hard work and the many hats that you wear by treating yourself to a long walk alone, a massage, or facial. Whatever makes you happy and brings you the most joy. It doesn’t matter who you are what you do. Whether you are a stay at home mom or have 3 jobs, self-care should be your top priority.

This year has been extremely difficult on everyone. It is one of the most scariest times for us all. The stress level is at an all-time high. I would love to conclude by sending you all positive vibes, happy thoughts, and prayers for you, your family and health.

Final Thoughts

So what did you think about Ms. Heather? Pretty incredible huh?! 

If you are local here in Houston, make sure to check out and support her small business over at  as well as on Instagram.

Lastly, Heather created an amazing freebie for us this month that I know you will love as much as I do! Check it out below

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