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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit XCARET

XCARET is probably one of my family’s favorite destinations, mostly because there’s something for every one!

Below you will find the top 5 reasons why you need to visit as well as some pretty amazing discounts you don’t want to miss!

I know travel is restricted at this time in certain places, but I did not want to pass up the chance to share Xcaret with you specially since some of the deals they’re running right now can be used to book a vacation for up to 1 year from now!

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What is Xcaret?

Xcaret is heaven on earth conveniently located in Playa del Carmen! Unique in every sense when it comes to the service they provide.

You have 2 options when visiting Xcaret:

  1. Book and stay at Hotel Xcaret and it automatically includes unlimited access to all of their 8 parks (This is the option I highly recommend because everything is taken care of for you the minute you arrive) 
  2. You can also stay at a different hotel and instead purchase individual day passes to selected parks. 



Whether your family includes little ones or all adults, there is something for every one. Seriously. The activities and amenities at Xcaret are extraordinary!

This last year when we were there, my dad came along with us. While my husband, sisters, mom, and I loved visiting all the parks, my dad wanted to relax more and take it easy, therefore he stayed back at the hotel while we went off to the parks. That being said, he loved it! He was able to stay back and just take it easy, but still enjoyed all the on site fun and services while being pampered. 

Visiting each park was a such an adventure each day! I plan on writing a separate post on each park in the near future so I can really go into detail to really spotlight what each park has to offer so stay tuned for that!


The minute you arrive to the hotel you will be blown away by the impressive accommodations! The staff is incredible and treat you just like family.

We have stayed at several hotels, even some abroad, but Hotel Xcaret definitely is in the top 3 for us!

Nature, culture, art, and entertainment are all celebrated in this hotel everywhere you look. The variety of restaurants on site, infinity pools, bars, room service, river activities, and all the other amenities are top notch!

Like I mentioned before, when you book your stay at Hotel Xcaret, you automatically get unlimited access to all of their parks, so there is no need to worry about anything else but to just have fun!     


All Inclusive Fun

Not having to worry about paying for individual admissions to the parks is definitely a huge plus! If you are on vacation, the last thing you want is to be scrambling around reserving tickets and stressing about the cost. Having access to all parks is also wonderful since you have the freedom to explore all or some of them as many times as you want. Again, that’s one of the many reasons why I love booking with Hotel Xcaret. 

On the other hand, there are situations when you have already booked  your stay at a different hotel, but you still want to visit the parks. That’s ok! Make sure to research which parks and tours interest you the most and book individually.

Combine the best tours and parks by Xcaret.

Attention to Detail

Xcaret has gone out of their way to think of every single detail their guests may want and need! They definitely exceed your expectations by taking care of everything and letting you just enjoy your vacation. 

If you booked with the hotel, transportation to and from the airport is taken care of as well as transportation from the hotel to the parks, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your daily adventures!

Once at the hotel and their parks, their hospitality and customer service is on point!

Uniqueness and Culture

The uniqueness and immersion into the culture is also one of my favorite reasons why I love Xcaret. Yes you are on vacation, but the way your mind, heart, and soul are stimulated is honestly amazing!

Deals You Don't Want to Miss!

Hotel Discount

Parks Discount

  • If you pay with your MasterCard, use code MCXC25 so you can receive a 25% discount
  • 20% plus $5 off when you buy now and travel later with code VITAMINX205USD
Get 20% + $ 5 off purchasing your admissions to Xcaret parks

Descuentos exclusivos para Mexicanos

Descuento especial para los Mexicanos de hasta 25%

Final Thoughts

Whether you decide to stay at Hotel Xcaret or you stay at another hotel and instead purchase day passes to the parks, you are going to have a fantastic time!

Make sure to take advantage of the discounts mentioned above and happy traveling! Remember if you have any other questions, or would like assistance with the links or discounts, I’m just a message aways!

Talk soon.

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  1. nangie

    Ive never heard of this place but you’re very convincing!!

    1. Elizabeth

      I first heard of it in 2018 and thought it was wayyyy too good to be true, but we were pleasantly surprised! They go above and beyond for their guest in every way at both the hotel as well as at all of their parks!

  2. Emily Blocksdorf

    this sounds perfect! I am not sure when we will travel next but this is going on my list.

    1. Elizabeth

      absolutely! I too am soooo ready to travel!

  3. Jerika

    This looks and sounds so amazing! Adding to the bucket list for sure.

    1. Elizabeth

      You won’t regret it! I still reminisce about swimming in the cenotes and rivers!

    1. Elizabeth

      Yes! It’s a place you can visit many times and still always find something new to enjoy!

    1. Elizabeth

      It really is, plus they are constantly adding more to the establishments so you always find something new no matter how many times you visit!

    1. Elizabeth

      Same here! The great thing about these specials they are running is that you can book up to a year from now!

  4. Cocoa Mom

    I love everything you’ve described about this place. I am adding this to our list of places to visit. the kids will love this place.

    1. Elizabeth

      They surely will! When you do go, they have these cool cameras all over Xcaret and the park where you just scan your bracelet and it takes your picture! Super fun and perfect to capture the fun moments with the kids! My littles love looking back at all of our photos from our trip.

  5. Jen Towkaniuk

    I’ve never heard of Xcarat but now that I have it’s on my list! Can’t wait to travel again and this place looks amazing. I love all-inclusive resorts!!

    1. Elizabeth

      Absolutely! We’ve visited all inclusives in Jamaica, Bahamas, and Cabo. So far, Xcaret is our #1! The unlimited access to their parks and excursions is what takes the cake!

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