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Surabhi Kaushik WOTM June 2020

I’m thrilled to share with you our June Woman of the Month- Surabhi Kaushik.

She is a fantastic and determined writer for approximately 20 years now! Giving up on her passion as a writer has never been an option.

We are honored to spotlight her at MamiThinks. Below you can read more about her as well as what she’s doing to help the community during this pandemic!

About Surabhi

Words have always been my best friends, allowing me to find comfort and joy in playing the role of a copywriter, storyteller, poet or essayist, not necessarily in that order.

My blog that you can find HERE  has links to my work published in
several websites in India and the United States. 
Apart from being a writer, I am also a book addict, love learning new languages and a trained Carnatic music vocalist and binge watch or hike when I am not writing.

I enjoy conducting Move to Write < > Write to Move workshops, a unique workshop where movement enhances creativity and writing ignites expression. I am offering these FREE workshops in challenging times of this pandemic, allowing them to explore ways to express themselves and use writing as a coping mechanism, develop a hobby or use it as a distraction, if they like. 

After moving to the United States in 2015, I volunteer with public libraries in Charlotte and have a close association with Write Like You Mean It, a writer’s group at Main Library, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Writing From My Heart

The act of bringing my words to life is mostly easy, though sometimes, painstakingly difficult. On a day when everything is good, my writing moves with the swiftness of a river, flowing gently, building a pace, smoothing my doubts, dousing my fears, and giving shape to my thoughts. On bad days, words struggle to leave my pen, like a child trying to reach for a flower, surrounded by thorns. I am engulfed by the fire of self-doubt and a nagging critic, who holds on tightly to each letter, releasing it with reluctance that tires me easily. And yet, writing is my first love and words are my best friends.

With a mixed bag of work experience, from working with advertising agencies, greeting card companies, content writing for websites and my personal favorite of writing fiction, I loved every bit of every job that I had. After moving to the United States in 2015, I have been an active volunteer with public libraries in Charlotte, have conducted, participated, and found inspiration and comfort in my weekly writing group and other avenues available in the writing community.

Through my writing journey that spans over 20 years now, I have had more stops and brakes than I had wished for. It has been a slippery slope and I have surprised myself in the ways that I have held onto the reins and kept pushing forward, not giving up on my passion. Along the way, I have tried to create opportunities that would allow me to spread my wings rather than wallow in self-pity, when I landed at a dead end.

When the pandemic struck early this year, I wanted to do something for the writing community to help cope with it. I wanted to create a space where people could write freely, without being withheld by fear or bound by judgement. I partnered with my friend, Jyotsna Srikant in India and we created a new series of virtual workshops called Move to Write<>Write to Move. The premise of the workshop is movement enhances creativity and writing ignites expression. The response has been heart-warming, and I am glad I am able to give back to the community in a small, but meaningful way.

Writing is my biggest strength and the one thing that I have been confident about ever since I was a kid. Seeing my name published on a newspaper in the Letters to the Editor section was undoubtedly one of my biggest achievements as a thirteen-year-old. More than twenty years later, writing has become more than just my job. 

Since I do something I love, it does not weigh me down. It uplifts me, even in hard times, giving a sense of purpose. Following my passion feeds my soul and the resulting energy encourages and motivates others. So, if you are passionate about something, give it a shot, allow your best parts to shine, your creative muscles to flex and build strength.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been hanging around here long enough, you know our WOTM provides our readers with a freebie.

Surabhi created for us 2 bookmarks that you will find below. You can download and print these for your use!

Enjoy and talk to you soon!

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  1. Startraci

    I love the Move to Write imitative. I mostly struggle with the time to write so I’m inspired by her diverse and unique background. 😎

    1. Elizabeth

      Yes! Time is definitely a struggle, specially during these times!

  2. Jamiee

    What an amazing spotlight absolutely love those quotes.

    1. Elizabeth

      I do too! Thank you for checking it out!

  3. Camille Deal

    Broadcasting the accomplishments of a woman of the month is such a wonderful idea! This a great community booster.

    1. Elizabeth

      Yes! We have so much power and knowledge to be shared as women, so I wanted to make sure I had a spot designated for it.

  4. Erica McDavitt

    The writing workshops sound so amazing. It does feel so good to give back using your gifts. The bookmarks are beautiful too! So creative!

    1. Elizabeth

      Thank you for checking it all out!

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