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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

“The power of a dad in a a child’s life is unmatched.”

-Justin Ricklefs

Father’s Day this year is definitely going to be a different one as 2020 has been a really crazy year for a lot of us! However, now more than ever we need to celebrate the fathers in our lives and show them just how much we appreciate them.

Below you will find a couple of gift ideas for dad!

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The Gift of Time

If you read my Mother’s Day Gift Guide post, you noticed I included this as an idea over there too. The gift of time simply means you give Dad some time to himself. 

What he decides to do during this time is completely up to him. I know during this pandemic a lot of dads have been working non-stop so having a little bit of time to themselves will definitely be appreciated!

For some dads this may mean a fishing trip with friends, or maybe some alone time to catch up on sports. Whatever Dad chooses to do is completely up to him!

Self-care Tools

Self-care is not just for women! Men need time to care for themselves too, specially dads that are always busy and on the move.

Some dads may want a gym membership, others may want a trip to the barbershop, while others maybe want an at home kit like the one pictured below from Etsy. Whatever self-care routine dad has, make sure to keep it in mind this year!

You can grab the luxurious shaving kit HERE.

Enrichment Activity

Self-development was mentioned in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide as well and for a great reason! We never have to stop working on ourselves!

Picking an enrichment activity will be up to what Dad has been into lately. Maybe he wants a session at the shooting range, or maybe he’s had his eye on an online course. Take a minute to ask and find out what he’d prefer! 

Replace old items

Dads are notorious for holding on to very old things. What better opportunity than Father’s Day to replace a couple of them!

For my husband’s first Father’s Day, we gifted him a personalized wallet that had a quote engraved inside and he absolutely loved it!

HERE you will find a wallet very similar to it as the shop where we purchased ours from is no longer open. 

Food & Drink Outings

My husband just like many dads out there don’t always get a proper sit-down lunch break therefor a couple gift cards to Dad’s fave restaurants are always a hit!

If the dad in your life, enjoys going out for a drink, you can definitely gift that instead!

For Grandpa

A dad we certainly cannot forget is Grandpa!

Of course if you ask him what he wants he may say that time with his grandkids is plenty, but dig a little deeper and maybe gift him something personalized like this decanter and glass set below.

You can find it over at our Gifts by Lizzy gift shop.

Not only will grandpa have a unique gift, but you will also be supporting a small business!

Hobby Support

Whether the dad in your life is into car modifications, drones, or any other hobby, gifting them something hobby specific is always a plus! 

Personalized Apparel

Gift your dad something simple yet useful like a personalized tee! 

Over at Gifts by Lizzy there’s several designs to choose from and if you’d rather have a custom design made, that is also an option!


Maybe your hubs has had his eye on the latest headphones, or maybe it’s time to upgrade his phone. Electronics are always a good option! 

Final Thoughts

So Mami, what are you thinking of gifting Dad this year?

Whichever gift you end up picking, what really matters most, specially during times like this, is the love and appreciation you show him!

Talk soon Mami!

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  1. Amelia

    These are great ideas! My husband would love the food idea and the electronic idea lol

    1. Elizabeth

      lol yea! My husband suggested electronics as his first option!

  2. Jenny

    I love these ideas, especially the gift of time. That is a fantastic idea and I think my husband would love time as a gift.

    1. Elizabeth

      It really is! The gift of time overall is such a fab gift! I remember when I was teaching, our principal gave all the teachers the gift of time in December, which was 1 afternoon where each grade level left early for the afternoon and admin took over the class! It was something so small, yet it made a huge difference!

  3. Lucy

    LOL when I put together my Father’s Day gift guide, my fiance kept telling me to make sure I included the beard care set in it 😂 (I wasn’t able to since it was only things from Etsy) but it gave me hint that it’s a perfect gift for dads with beards lol Great ideas!

    1. Elizabeth

      Yes! Beard care is all the craze right now lol

  4. Missy

    Hi Liz:

    Father’s Day is right around the corner, and many will be looking for gift ideas. I would think (food and drink outings) will be very popular – since many #stayathome orders will soon be lifted in cities. I know I look forward to a nice outdoor patio lunch or dinner. Great ideas – thanks for sharing.

    1. Elizabeth

      For sure! A good drink outing is in order!!

    1. Elizabeth

      Thank you! Hope it helps you brainstorm!

  5. Oh my goodness, so true about some men holding onto things for so long! I need to start thinking about Father’s Day!

    1. Elizabeth

      They really do lol! I think I’ll be replacing both my husband’s and my dad’s wallets this year!

  6. Lynsey

    Great ideas!

    1. Elizabeth

      Thanks! Hope you found a good one to use this year!

  7. Cam

    I had never thought about “self care” for guys! That’s a great idea.

    1. Elizabeth

      right? It wasn’t until this year that I really thought about self-care for men

  8. Krystal

    Thanks for the ideas! 🙂 it’s my boyfriends first Father’s Day and I want to get Jim something special!

    1. Elizabeth

      Aww! The first one is SOOOO special! Let me know what you end up getting him!

  9. Teaisha

    These are some amazing ideas! Hard to believe it’s almost Father’s day

    1. Elizabeth

      I know! This year is going by so slow because of quarantine, but at the same time, holidays are flying by!

  10. Donna

    Love the replacing old items ideas. My husband holds onto things wayyy too long. He can definitely use some upgrades. Maybe a wallet with a gift card in it!

    1. Elizabeth

      for sure! My husband and dad are the same way lol

  11. Xochil Silva

    The beard kit is my favorite . I might just have to get something like that

    1. Elizabeth

      Yes it’s so convenient, plus you can personalize it!

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