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Shante Solomonson WOTM May 2020

Our May Woman of the Month is a fierce woman I had the pleasure of meeting back in 2013. 

Here at MamiThinks we encourage and uplift others, that’s why spotlighting Shante was a must! She’s such a beautiful soul that always helps and empowers others!

Read below to read what Shante has to share with us this month.


Hello Mamithinks!

It’s an honor and a pleasure to be chosen as Woman of the Month for the May issue of Mamithinks. I am Shanté Solomonson, a wife to a wonderful husband and mother of two boys.

I started my makeup career in 2004 at MAC cosmetics as a part-time freelance artist. It eventually led to a full time artist position. After working there for 3 1/2 years as an artist and retail manager, I decided it was time to go back to education as a 4th grade school teacher. Since then, I’ve continued freelancing, establishing my business as a Beauty Guide for Limelife by Alcone and teaching full time. Yes, it is a lot to juggle, but makeup is a job I consider is fun and my stress reliever.

I never thought I could make working in cosmetics a career until I ventured into the industry at MAC Cosmetics. You get to see what it’s like working behind the scenes, the amount of time that goes into completing a makeup look, fashion shows, and the opportunity to be involved in memorable events for someone’s special day.

Seeing the impact makeup has on women is priceless. I love the reaction on a woman’s face when they look and feel their best after having a makeup application done and/or when I get a message from past clients saying how beautiful they felt on their special day. It makes me feel what I do really matters. I love what I do!

As time goes and we begin to age,
I believe it’s important for men and women to take care of their skin. The first thing a person sees is your face so developing a good skincare routine is the key to preventing unwanted lines and wrinkles!

My advice to anyone is to start early, and, if you didn’t, don’t worry! Start now with healthy anti aging products that will pause the aging process and washing twice daily. Most of all be consistent and patient with the process especially if it’s a new product. Some products can take 2 to 3 weeks to show results. Take care of your skin even if it’s going through a rough season and moisturize your skin even if it’s oily. I wash my face twice a day, literally! Whether you wear makeup or not, establishing a consistent routine will minimize or treat skin issues. Pamper yourself you won’t regret it!

If you’re interested in finding products to jumpstart your skincare routine or just tired of using a product without results, I can help you get started!

You are beautiful and more than enough! Make time for what matters, you!

Final Thoughts

Shante has recently started a new chapter in her life as a mother of 2. Balancing work, children, and her own small business is no easy task, but she pours her heart into every single thing she does and makes it all work!

As you know, every WOTM has a freebie for our readers. Shante is sharing with us an invitation to join her Facebook group you can join HERE as well as a quick printable where she shares 10 quick tips for great skin!

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  1. Lesa

    I love Shante’s skin tips! What a great printable!

  2. Jazmin

    Love this and love her! She is so gorgeous!

  3. Jozay

    Such great advice! I definitely need to be more active with my skincare routine.

  4. Masha Meliuk

    Such an inspiring article! Thank you for sharing the story 🙌🏻

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