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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

2020 has been one heck of a roller coaster, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go all out celebrating moms this year!

Of course moms appreciate and love everything given to them, but why not dig a little deeper and give them something they REALLY want?

Below you will find the ULTIMATE gift guide.

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The Gift of Time

Give mama something she absolutely needs and will cost you nothing-the gift of time. For example give her a whole afternoon or a long period of time where she can go do something she enjoys like brunch with girlfriends, a lunch date with her sister, alone time at the bookstore, drinks for ladies night, or anything that she loves doing but usually doesn’t have time for!


Personalized Apparel 

Something so simple as a personalized shirt is sure to make mama smile! We’ve all been living in our tshirts lately with this whole quarantine time, so why not give her something cofty and wearable!

You can find these any many many more designs in our FB gift shop HERE

You will be able to find a customized item at a great price PLUS you help support small businesses!

Household Services

Hear me out, this is a gift mom needs and she doesn’t even know it! There’s no surprise house chores take up tons of time. You can easily free up some time for mom by doing these household chores yourself! Not a fan? Didn’t think so. Fortunately there’s online services like that take care of that for you!

Do your research and pick the services and person you want. Your wife will thank you!

Self- Care Tools

If you’ve been hanging around here for a while, you know we’re HUGE about self-care. 

This 2 in 1 bath caddy/bed tray is THE self-care gift. Make sure to send one my way when you order yours 😉

Enrichment Activity

This will look very different for every mama because every mama is unique. This gift is basically any professional development or new course mama has been having her eye on.

For example, if your wife is a baker, she might be interested in learning a new cake technique. Gift her the course! Maybe your wife loves to work out. Gift her that new course she’s been eyeing! Women are naturally lifelong learners, but often don’t invest in themselves because other expenses always trump them. This is your chance to show your appreciation!

A Gift for a New Mama

I wish I would have received this when I was a new mama! This postpartum journal is to die for!  

Hotel Staycation

If you have the budget, investing in a night or weekend staycation is a must! Book a nice local hotel and let mama enjoy! This may mean you and the kids stay back home!

Sometimes mama just needs to decompress and that’s ok! Being close by will ease everyone’s mind as she will be far enough to have her own space, but close enough in case anything was to come up!

A Gift for Grandma

There’s now way we can leave grandma out. She may enjoy any of the gift options mentioned above, or she may want something that has to do with her grand babies! HERE is the perfect gift you can personalize. 

New Experience

Another gift option perfect for any mama is a new experience. Gift her something she’s been eyeing, but hasn’t had the time to try out!

Floating therapy has been on my list to try out lately. HERE you can find out more info about this local business that runs this amazing establishment!

BONUS: Blissful Waters has graciously provided us with  $24 off a single 60 minute float sessions originally $89!! Just use code mamithinks

For The Angel Baby Mama

A mama that is often not celebrated enough is a mama with an angel baby.

Mother’s Day more than any other days, is a day moms who have lost their babies hurt the most. 

HERE you can find the simple yet perfect little gift to acknowledge and show your love. A lantern that reads “I’ll hold you in my heart until I hold you in heaven.”

Final Thoughts

I really hope this gift guide helped you pick the perfect gift. Whatever your budget or time may be, just remember Mother’s Day is every day. Show your love and appreciation 24/7

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