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10 Easy Easter Crafts For Your Little One

Easter 2020 will for sure be one for the books! Being under quarantine doesn’t mean your little ones have to miss out on the fun though. Below you will find 10 super easy and fun Easter crafts. Remember you can switch up the supplies and replace them with whatever you have at home. 

Many of these crafts include paint. I know paint is messy, but hear me out mama, pick a spot in your house that is an easy clean up area and designate it as your painting station. For example, ours is our dining table because I can pull up my 1 year old’s high chair to it and we can all sit together to paint. Cleaning up afterwards is also super easy and definitely a better idea than their room, or anywhere else around the house where there’s carpet. 

The weather here has been gloomy recently, but these crafts would also be a great idea to complete outdoors!

This activity is very low prep. Just outline a shape of your choice like an egg, bunny, etc, then place some tape in different directions, have them color the sections, remove the tape, and let them see the work of art they’ve created!

Sensory bins are always a hit with my littles! Add some rice to a clear bin, add small items for them to search for, and let them explore! We added pom poms, buttons, Easter shaped erasers, and more misc items that went with the theme. You can also have them use plastic eggs as little scoopers to dig out the rice. If you want to color the rice, you can also do that as well! Please be sure to always monitor your child as they explore because small items can definitely be a choking hazard!

If your little ones are anything like mine, painting is a regular activity around here. That being said, we like to switch things up. Painting with a Qtip may seem silly, but it’s a fun alternative to regular painting with a brush and it also helps with their fine motor skills!

If you haven’t visited the Crayola website, you’re missing out! They have tons of free printables for your kids! We downloaded THIS free bunny printable there. 

This is another Crayola freebie we got off their site. We downloaded THIS Easter wreath that was the perfect easy craft for my one year old to color. We added ribbon to it and hung it on her door. 

This is an activity very similar to the Qtip one. You’re letting your child paint, but with a fork. We decided to create a baby chick and added googly eyes. 

This one is another super easy one but it was great to practice our fine motor skills. I traced my son’s hand on green paper and then while I cut it out, I gave him another piece so he could try tracing on his own. We glued the one I traced to the white carrot part (you can cut this on your own or use a template as a guide) and then let him add small pieces of orange streamer to it. Tissue paper would also work for this. 

This painting craft is a lot of fun for the littles because they get to use their fingerprints! You can take a pen and add the eyes and all the other features to make their art come to life!

We decided to create a bunny mask, but you could also create a little yellow chick mask! Just have your child glue all the materials, and watch as they enjoy playing with their new prop!

This cross craft is a perfect conversation starter for you and your little one. Yes they may be young, but it’s never too early to start talking about faith! We used plastic Easter eggs instead of brushes to paint the cross and Damian loved it!

Next time you finish up a toilet paper roll, don’t toss it. Save it for future crafts like this one. We used 3 rolls and shaped it into a bunny head and ears and let Damian paint some bunnies. It definitely required hand coordination on his part, but he loved it!

Final Thoughts

I hope you found a couple crafts for you to enjoy with your little! Keep in mind there is no right or wrong way or a set outcome for these. Just let them have fun creating!

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