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Plastic Surgery a New Type of Self-Care & Love Part 2

The first part to this blog post received great feedback as well as questions requesting more info, so that’s why I decided to create a second part to it! You can find the first post HERE.

For this second part, I’d like to introduce to you Evelyn. She’s an extraordinary lash artist I met this year and after a couple chats, her surgery came up. I asked if she would share her story with us and she gracefully accepted! You will find what she had to say below.


My name is Evelyn Ramos i am 26 years old and a mother of 2 gorgeous kids.

I recently did a mommy makeover which is breast augmentation with breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction in inner thighs and flanks.

I decided to do this surgery after my kids turned a certain age which are 5 and 6. They were more independent I didn’t have to be carrying them anymore. It took me several years to think about it and workout so much of the baby weight I had.

I was a little bitty thin girl before I had my kids. I was at 115 pounds and after both kids I was at 174 pounds. I was depressed. I needed to work off the weight so I did. I went back down to 130 and I worked my butt off. I did diet pills which I do not recommend. I blacked out twice with those pills and felt like I was going to have a heart attack.

I went down to 115 and I had so much loose skin. I had stopped the pills and kept working out and nothing would tighten back my skin.

Thats when I went to Dr. Courtney here in Houston. I almost backed out on my consultation because I was afraid. My husband took me and we were all in a table talking about what was bothering me and he took a look at me and went from there. My surgery was $16,000.

The surgery part was scary my husband didn’t want me to do it at first. He said I was beautiful since he first met me but deep down I wasn’t happy with myself.

The day of surgery I felt happy and nervous. Once they put me down, the meds kicked in, the greatest feeling ever!!! Lol. Then after 5 hours of surgery, I woke up and was so cold, so sleepy, and just drugged up. The 2nd day was bad I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk correctly I had to be bathed, I had to have help for everything. I wouldn’t do the surgery ever again. It was very painful but I did have a lot of support!

Final Thoughts

Whether you decide to take the plunge and get a Mommy Makeover, or practice self-care in a different way, remember to always do the appropriate research and make these changes for yourself! Talk to you soon!

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