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5 Things That Boosted My Breastfeeding Supply

It’s no secret maintaining your breastfeeding supply can sometimes be difficult.

With my first baby I got my period back approx 2 months post partum! After that, my supply would be almost non existent every time my period came around. 

With my second baby, fortunately I have not had any supply issues. I’m not sure if me not pumping has anything to do with that or not. 

Below you will find a list of 5 things that really helped boost my supply. Please keep in mind, every single body is different and what works for one nursing mom may not have the exact same result for another mom.

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Water may be something pretty simple and silly for me to list right? but hear me out mama. Helping a tiny human stay alive is an enormous responsibility! Those first days home of course are the hardest, but even in the months after birth, you are extremely busy and often forget to drink enough water. 

A quick and simple way to keep yourself accountable for your water intake is a labeled water bottle like the photo below. This super cute “Turning water into liquid gold” can be found on the GiftsbyLizzy page on Facebook. 

A Balanced Meal

There’s no way you can feed a baby if you are not properly fed yourself! Trust me I can see the huge difference in the amount of milk I produce when I  have a full balance meal compared to a small quick snack.

I know as moms we have a million and one things to do, but please take time to fix yourself a good plate that will actually fill you up!


Atole is a hispanic drink that helped me out TONS when my supply was low as a first time breastfeeding mom. 

Below you will find my mom’s very own recipe of her atole!

Upspring Drink

I know there are tons of things on the market that promise to help with your supply. Honestly, it’s all trial and error. I tried the brownies off a very famous FB page, but they did nothing for me. 

Thanks to a breastfeeding group I’m in also on FB, I saw this Upspring drink mix recommended a lot. I took a chance and ordered a few and saw amazing results! They have different products and flavors, but the one linked below is the one I tried and loved!

Kashi Cookies

These cookies were a lifesaver when it came to helping my supply! I honestly can’t remember where I saw them recommended first, but I’m glad I tried them out. I did have a hard time finding them in store as they were always out of stock. I hardly visit Kroger, but that was where I would almost always find them. 

While trying to find a link for you, I noticed some stores said out of stock or unavailable. I’m not sure if that is temporary because of the COVID crisis or if they are not carrying them anymore. 

If you have time, I would highly recommend you searching online for different lactation recipes so you can try baking some on your own!

Final Thoughts

What about you Mami? What has worked to help boost your supply? I’d love to hear from you!

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