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5 Types of Activities for Your Child

Whether you have one child or 3, it is highly likely you sometimes find yourself out of ideas for activities to do with your child at home. Below you will find a list I hope you find helpful!

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I’m not sure if it is the teacher in me, but of course books and reading has to be number one on our list! You should be reading to baby since they are in the womb.

HERE you will find a previous post I had written on where to find books for your child. Some options mentioned are even FREE!

No matter the age, children should be reading or being read to. 

Busy bins, regular, and sensory play

HERE is a post where you will find detailed info on how to create busy bins for your littles along with where to find the items to put inside the bins. Some of the items you already have lying around in your home!

Coloring and painting of course are always a hit! A recent activity of my kids is coloring their own shirt. You can order a shirt for your child HERE. Trust me, having their favorite character on their shirt, coloring it with markers, and then being able to wear their creations is always exciting!

Sensory play set up takes a little bit of time organizing but it is definitely worth it. Depending on your child’s age, you can browse Pinterest and find tons of activities. 2 favorites in our house are sorting beans by color and searching for animals in a tub of rice. 


Now that the weather has been better, we often find ourselves outdoors a lot. The amount of things kids can do outside are endless! A couple of our faves are: planting, digging, sandbox, chalk art, bubbles, and so on!

Having snack or lunch time outdoors is also a lot of fun!

Home Activities

Kids are never too young to start helping around the house. They usually view it as just another game and are almost always willing to participate. Helping with cooking ingredients, sorting laundry, dusting, and so on will help them see home activities as more than just chores. 

Online Learning

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of screen time, specially with research proving how overstimulating it can be. Screen time was non existent in our household until after Damian turned 2, but now that he’s a little older we are more open to exploring different online learning opportunities.

Virtual field trips, live zoo broadcasts, and early childhood websites like Abcmouse are some we definitely enjoy and tune in to occasionally!  

Final Thoughts

Remember to keep in mind every single child is different, even within siblings. What works and entertains one child, does not necessarily mean it will do the same for another child. Find what works best for your home and stick to it!

I’d love to hear from you! What about you mama? What are some of the top activities your child enjoys in your home? 

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