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Cynthia Prado WOTM March 2020

Our March Woman of the Month was nominated by our December WOTM! This fills my heart with joy because this is exactly what I want MamiThinks to be- a place where we can celebrate each other! When Alme said she was recommending her because she was “always leading by example, committed to being a great mom, a superwoman in just a few words” I just KNEW we had to feature her!

This month we are featuring Cynthia Prado. We decided to go with a Q&A style for her segment and this is what she had to say:

My name is Cynthia Prado. I’m from Brownsville, Tx but have lived in Houston since 2013. That is when I graduated with my BA in marketing from Texas A&M university- Kingsville. I’ve been married 5 years and I became a mom last year to our baby girl Jordan Bella. I also enrolled for my MBA at the University of Houston-Downtown. I have been trying to balance full time job as a senior operations specialist for the corporate office of an electricity company, first time mom, and full time student ever since.

How do you balance mom life, work, travel, health, etc?
It hasn’t been easy, but I have my village. My husband has been a great supporter as well as my family, in laws and a few friends. I have to schedule time to work out right after work or during my lunch time the days I have class. I make it a priority to always be at home on time to put Jordan to sleep.

Why do you like to travel?
I love emerging into other cultures. I had only gone to Germany for study abroad in college (other than Mexico of course), but ever since I had always wanted to go back. Many people think that when you have kids your life is on hold and you have to wait to travel, but not true. My daughter is my motivation.

What’s your fave destination and why?
I just finished a 5 country euro trip this winter, my favorite city is Paris with London being a close second. Paris had always been my dream (I took 4 years of french in high school and college). I enjoyed the scenery and the food and of course attempting to order in French was fun.

What is your number one traveling tip/hack?
I actually have a list for first time Europe travelers, but my #1 tip is to take tons of pictures to remember but also put the phone down and take mental pictures, enjoy that moment because you never know when you’ll be back

How do you afford to travel?
I had been saving for this past trip, I have a good job and so does my husband. But also I traveled with friends so I was able to split lodging and transportation costs.

Do you have any advice for women out there in general?
Don’t wait for the right moment to do anything, if you keep waiting that moment might never come. Do you what you need to make yourself happy. It’s ok to be selfish sometimes, your priority should be to make yourself happy before trying to make anyone else happy.

Do you have any advice for moms?
Don’t let being a mom stop you from traveling or doing things you dream of. Our babies will still be there, they need a happy mom so do what makes you happy.

What advice do you have for women traveling with a baby?
I haven’t traveled far with my girl, only to Austin and back quite often via car. But every time I travel I have to have her favorite show on the iPad. Also pack lots of change of clothes and snacks.

What advice would you offer to women wanting a healthier lifestyle?
Stay active. We can give a million excuses but honestly I sometimes don’t feel like working out so I just walk the treadmill playing a show on my phone. 30 min a day makes a huge difference. But most importantly drink your water.

Final Thoughts

Our March WOMT has created a wonderful list that is perfect for a first timer taking a multi country trip in Europe as our freebie this month! Check it out below!

1. Their airport security doesn’t care if in the USA you can carry as much as you want, You’re allowed to carry liquids and creams in ONE small zip bloc bag per person.
2. Walk in tennis shoes for long days
3. In France, If you order in French, expect to get a conversation going in French then you not be able to keep up because you’re not fluent lol
4. Get the tour to Stonehenge to avoid paying an Uber all the way over there since it’s 1.5 hours away from London
5. Stonehenge is not all that not worth the trip, the rocks are not as big as they seem in our windows computer screensaver lol
6. Book the Louvre museum before getting there
7. You will walk ALOT which is the best way to see the cities
8. Don’t take a nap in New Year’s Eve lmao, we almost slept through the new year
9. Amsterdam is beautiful but maybe a day or two worth. Maybe in the spring when the tulips are in full bloom is better
10. Belgium is definitely worth going to especially with all the chocolate stores
11. Don’t exchange money at the airport
12. Not every place recommended by instagrammers will be good. Try local corner restaurants
13. Check the area where your air bnb is so you’re not stuck climbing 6 flights of stairs with your luggage and dragging your luggage in the middle of the night in the middle of the city

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