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Top 10 Breastfeeding Resources

As much as we’d like to believe breastfeeding is simple and effortless, that’s not always the case! Below you will find a list compiled of the top 10 places/sites every Mami should visit whenever she’s seeking help with anything breastfeeding related. 

Please keep in mind each resource will cover a lot of content and may seem overwhelming, do not get discouraged and just explore one at a time. Feel free to also share this list with your spouse and the rest of your support system so that they too can familiarize themselves with these resources, should they have to help you research something!

La Leche League

I cannot say enough great things about this organization! Whether you’re a seasoned or a novice mom, La Leche League is definitely a tool you want to have in your breastfeeding toolkit! You can visit their website HERE and browse all of their informative and helpful content.

Now if you prefer to receive help in person, they have that available too! You can search for a local LLL group and get the support you need!

24 hour hotline 1877 4 LALECHE

This 24 hour hotline comes to your rescue when different scenarios come up and you need to talk to someone afterhours. Your pediatrician, doctor, or lactation consultant may also have their own after hours number, but it doesn’t hurt to have this resource as a back up!

Lactation consultant directory

Your hospital may provide you with a list of lactation consultants prior to discharging you, but sometimes said papers are easily lost in the middle of all the commotion. HERE is an excellent directory that will help you find a lactation consultant in your area!


Even though we try our hardest as moms to stay healthy, that can’t always be possible. If you are ever prescribed medicine and are wondering if it is compatible with breastfeeding, Lact Med is a perfect site to visit and start your research! You can download and access the info you need HERE directly from the National Library of Medicine. 

U.S Department of Labor

Once maternity leave ends for moms, some struggle with the logistics of pumping at work. Others don’t have knowledge about their rights as breastfeeding mothers in the workplace. The U.S Department of Labor has an amazing section HERE that explains your rights in detail and there is even a link where you can file a complaint if your rights are being violated. 

“Federal law requires employers to provide reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for one year after the child’s birth each time such employee has need to express the milk (Section 7 of the FLSA).” —

Every mother going back to work already has a lot on her plate, being scared of asking for time to pump, should not happen. It is your right!

Questions like

Who is entitled to reasonable break time and a space for expressing breast milk at work under the law?


What must an employer provide to workers who need to express breast milk in the workplace?

are just some of the questions answered in their FAW section found HERE

Oh how I wish I would have found Milkology with my first baby! Their website is extraordinary! They have everything you can think of breastfeeding related AND then some! My favorite section on their site is their freebies tab where you can find various checklists, cheat sheets, printables and more!

If you are wanting to take a breastfeeding class, they have them as well! Best part? It’s free!

Kelly Mom is a site that is recommended in the breastfeeding community a lot and for a very good reason too! It is  jam packed with evidence based information every mom needs. I have to admit, I sometimes find the site quite overwhelming, but I still decided to add it to this list because the quality of the information on the site is remarkable! Their search bar does make navigating the site easier so it’s a tool I use a lot.

HM4HB stands for Human Milk For Human Babies and it is a wonderful nonprofit that works on supporting and promoting milk sharing.

Whether you are a mother in need of milk for your baby, or vise versa- maybe you are a mother with an abundant supply willing to share with babies in need, HM4HB is the perfect place to reach out to. Their FAQ where they explain the process and basics can be found HERE.


YouTube can be a HUGE help to the breastfeeding community. Anything from breastfeeding positions, feeding cues, proper latch, to pump demonstrations can easily be found on YouTube! This is perfect help when you don’t have access to other resources at the time.

Facebook BF Pages and Groups

You might be wondering why in the world I’d add FB  to this list, maybe you’re not a fan of social media, but please hear me out. There are several groups and pages you can join not only to answer your breastfeeding questions but also just to have a place where you can relate to other moms!

I remember those middle of the night pump sessions when I felt so alone or times where I could barely stay awake. THIS Facebook page kept me company! Whether it was by sharing hilarious breastfeeding memes or a heartfelt story of another breastfeeding mama, the group was and still one of my most favorite places to visit online!

Final Thoughts

I hope you find one or more of these resources useful! If you are in the Houston area like me, I’d like to also recommend The Lactation Foundation. The support and help you receive from this group is exceptional! Their weekly meet up group was a tremendous help when my daughter had her tongue and lip tie released. You can find more info about the establishment HERE.

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