14 EASY Valentine’s Day Treats for Your Little One

14 EASY Valentine’s Day Treats for Your Little One

Of course it’s easy to pick up a box of Valentine’s Day cards at your local dollar store, but how fun and unique is that? Not much! 

Below you will find 14 EASY and affordable treat options. There is a variety of food and non food items. The FREE printable cards are also included in this post! I mean it can’t get easier than that!

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I a-DOH you!

I'm CEREAL-sly glad we are friends!

CRAZY about you!

WILD about You!

You make my heart RACE!

It's a real TREAT having you as a friend!

You make my heart POP!

You are SUNsational!

I'm a lucky DUCK to have you!

Let's STICK together friend!

Have a great day LOVE BUG!

Love potion

WILD about you!

Add Your Heading Text Here

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Final Thoughts

So what do you think? Not so hard to be the Pinterest  mom is it? Hope you and your little one enjoy making and passing these unique Valentine’s Day treats!

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