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Self-Care Gift Baskets

2020 is here and what a better way to start off the year than by creating some self-care baskets. I know Christmas and the holidays just wrapped up, but these baskets are amazing to gift to your besties, sisters, mom, co-workers, or even yourself!

The purpose of the basket or box is for the person receiving it to be able to enjoy and actually USE the contents of the box. Nothing makes a person feel more special than receiving a gift that has some serious thought behind it! These boxes are easy to create and you can fill them with various items, depending on the person you are creating it for. Remember to keep in mind we are focusing on both physical and mental/emotional self-care.

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The picture of the sample box above is one I created for my sister. Again, this will look completely different depending on the person it is for.

Physical self-care contents

  • BBW candle to help her relax after a long day at work
  • Sunday Riley starter kit to kick off good skincare habits this year
  • Jaclyn Cosmetics Luminous Powder for a little boost in her everyday makeup routine as well as other misc. beauty items like lip balm and cleansing lotion.
  • Small pair of earrings for her to wear on her days off since she has to be jewelry-free during work.
  • Blinged out cup from GiftsbyLizzy to add a little sparkle to everyday life.
  • Kind bar so she can have something healthy to snack on.

Mental/emotional self-care contents

  • Journal to help her jot down her thoughts and feelings.
  • MamiThinks affirmation card template for her to complete.
  • Chik Fil A gift card so she can get a quick healthy meal instead of stressing on what to cook after a hectic day at work.
  • Wallet to help her keep her money and receipts organized while on the go
  • MamiThinks goal setting chart for her to keep accountability
  • Book since my sister’s fave hobby is reading and it helps her de-stres

Creating Your Basket

The very first thing you want to get is the basket or box for your items. I love the fact that you don’t have to worry about the contents falling out if you use a box, but if you prefer the look of a basket, that’s ok too!

Now for the fun part, the contents! I have included items to target both physical as well as mental/emotional self-care. I hope you find some inspiration in some of the example items shown below.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to include a hand-written note with the gift basket detailing why you picked such items. Thinking of gifting a basket or creating one for you? I want to hear all about it!

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