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Goals for Your Little One

Goals are not just for adults. We can also help our little ones set goals for themselves. HERE is the link to my other goals post that will help with your self-care this year. 

As we set these goals for both us and our kids, let’s remember to make them SMART goals. 

  • S- specific
  • M- measurable
  • A- attainable
  • R- relevant
  • T- time-based


You want these goals for your babies to be as specific as possible. For example instead of “be nice” a SMART goal would be “share during painting time at daycare”


Aside from being specific, you want to be able to keep track and see if you are reaching the goal. For instance, a goal you can easily track may be “sleep in toddler bed for 5 out of 7 days”


In order for your babe to reach their goal, you first have to make sure it is attainable. You do not want to set them up for failure. For example, there is no purpose in setting a potty training goal if your 1 year old still is not aware about her body or the potty. 


Make sure the goals you are setting are relevant to YOUR child. Just because your nephew is the same age as your son does not mean they are at the same developmental place.


The key to goal setting is keeping yourself accountable and the timing! Only you know your child so be realistic. Some goals are better measured weekly, while others are measured monthly or even yearly.

Below you will find a sample of a goal chart as well as a blank one ready for you to print out and use! It has a space for daily, weekly, monthly, 6 months, and yearly goals. Feel free to modify it to fit your child’s needs. Also, just like  I said on my last goals post, if you need an accountability partner, I’m here! 

Your FREE 2020 Goals Chart for your little one

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