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Alme Garcia WOTM December 2019

Our December Woman of the Month is an incredible, educated, young woman I am very excited to feature!! Like I have told her countless times, I fall in love with every single one of the photos she posts on her social media of her travels! She has traveled to Belgium, Botswana, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, France, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Vatican City, Zambia, and Zimbabwe!

Alme and I share the belief that everyone should travel because there is SO much out there to see! I’m thankful she accepted to be our WOTM. We decided to go with a Q&A style for her segment and this is what she had to say:

My name is Alme, originally from Brownsville, Texas. My passion is traveling and inspiring young people to make their dream destinations come true now, rather than after retirement!

When did you first decide you wanted to travel? 

I have always remembered wanting to travel since I was a little girl. I used to spin a globe my parents had as decor, and just be so curious about different countries.

How do you afford to travel?

I work hard, budget everything, and save.

What is your fave destination? Why?

I actually do not believe in favorites! Every destination has offered a unique and beautiful experience 

What can’t you travel without?

In all my travels, I have found that traveling with a small bottle of Dramamine is a must for me!

What’s been your favorite excursion?

I can speak of my latest exciting excursion…a Lion encounter/ walk in Africa. It was truly amazing to have touched and walked alongside a Lion!

What’s been the scariest traveler moment?

White water rafting in the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, Africa. Our raft tipped over, and I was stuck under water in a strong current for a while. Luckily the Raft Guide yanked me out by grabbing my life vest.

What’s been the weirdest thing you’ve seen?

I would not necessarily use the term “weird” but definitely something I would have never thought to see…this happened in China, it was actually a norm to randomly do the “garland” yoga squat…and this was anywhere, even on random sidewalk and corners where people walk through.

After visiting the different countries, would you consider moving to a specific one permanently?

My first country I visited was Spain…I still dream of moving there one day!

Any advice for people scared of traveling?

If you are too scared to experienced you are too scared to live.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself?

That consistent troubleshooting is the best way to get through traveling.

How long do you plan to continue traveling?


What does the perfect trip for you consist of?

No delayed flights, no lost luggage, no scammers, and a good travel mate to have your back.

Final Thoughts

The freebie our WOTM has created for you is based on her traveling experience. You can find it below! Make sure to also check out some of her amazing photos at the very bottom of this post!

  1. Pack stomach meds incase I don’t acclimate to food.
  2. I use vacuum bags to pack my clothing and make more space for things I need.
  3. I always pack a change of clothes for one day of travel in a carryon so incase luggage is delayed or lost, I have a back up.
  4. Pack an external battery for electronics. This has saved my life when my camera dies and I’m in the middle of an excursion.
  5. Use hair shower caps to cover shoe soles, so they won’t contaminate other items in luggage.

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