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Xcaret with Little Ones

Paradise on earth! Yes really! Last year in 2018 while browsing the web, we stumbled upon Xcaret.

It was advertised as an all-inclusive hotel that also included transportation and unlimited access to all of its parks. Sounded too good to be true, specially since we hadn’t heard of other hotels offering anything similar.

The hotel’s grand opening had taken place a couple months prior in 2017, so it was a brand new place! We decided to give it a go.

I have to say, it is one of the best vacations we have ever booked! We loved it so much we went right back this year in 2019. It was THAT spectacular!

There is SOO much to share about the hotel and all of the parks, but this post will just be a brief summary. Of course I can write an individual post on each of the parks in the future if y’all are interested!


Since writing this post last year in 2019, I have now become an affiliate partner with Xcaret! That means, if you purchase anything through the affiliate links below, it will result in a small commission for me (at no cost to you.) edited June 2020

Hotel Xcaret

We have visited several all- inclusive hotels, but Xcaret takes the cake. They have thought of everything!

Hotel Xcaret is currently offering a terrific 15% discount HERE towards your purchase going on now! Make sure to check that out!

Exceptional service from the moment the shuttle picks you up at the airport, until the last minute you are with them. The hotel is vibrant and the aesthetic of it is breathtaking. Plenty of restaurants, white sand beach, infinity pools, bars, gyms, 24 hour room service, river activities, family and kids club are some of the many things the hotel has to offer.


Staying at a Different Hotel

If you decide to stay at a different hotel, but still want to explore the Xcaret Parks, that is also an option!

Below are a couple different discounts to help you save some money. Plus you can book now and use it later for up to 1 year from now!

Xcaret Park

Nature, culture and history all come together beautifully in this park. The hotel and park are very close to each other so you can easily come back and forth as many times as you’d like. From the moment you walk in, you will be blown away!!

There are TONS of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Remember to pack water shoes, quick drying bathing suits/clothing, and a waterproof case for your phone or camera. You will do a lot of walking and exploring so be prepared for a long, yet adventurous day. Don’t worry about food and drinks as they are part of the all-inclusive deal!

We have visited the park both times we vacationed with Xcaret, and it was still not enough to get through all of the park’s activities! Snorkeling, exploring underground rivers, admiring the architecture, visiting the aquarium, aviary, plazas, butterfly pavilion, whatever you can think of, this park has it! If that wasn’t enough, the park also offers additional paid activities such as SeaTrek where you can walk underwater, dolphin encounters, etc.

At 7pm they have a show called Xcaret Mexico Espectacular. If you are able to hang around, I highly recommend attending the show. They have hundreds of artists and performers on stage and put on a performance that will leave you speechless!


Xelha is another favorite of ours. This park also has tons to offer and also kid friendly like Xcaret Park. Once more, one day is not enough to take in everything that is offered.

Of course Xelha is included in your package, but you do have to reserve your admission with the staff at the hotel ahead of time. It counts as an excursion, so you leave early in the morning in the bus, and you are brought back in the evening. A little different compared to Xcaret park where you can just take the shuttle at whatever time you want.

Remember to bring along enough sun screen as you will find yourself constantly reapplying. The Lighthouse where you can slide down from a 90+ ft slide is one of our favorite attractions. Aside from that, there’s snorkeling, river tours, caves, cliffs, zip lines, and tons more to see and explore!


The first year we visited Xcaret we didn’t have enough time to visit Xplor. Then this year when we did have a little more time, we were hesitant to go because we had my toddler and my 8 month old baby. Xplor is a park that does not need prior reservation so you can just take the shuttle there whenever you’d like. We decided to give it a try, and I’m glad we did!

We signed a safety waver upon arriving and received our helmets. My mom and sister were with us as well, so when it was time to do the zip lining or any activities that weren’t baby friendly, we’d take turns staying with the little ones.

Xplor is definitely smaller that the parks I mentioned before, but still worth the visit! The adrenaline you get when zip lining up high is incredible! They also offer Xplor Fuego at nighttime, but just like our kids, we were exhausted and didn’t get a chance to stay for that one.


Xoximilco is Xcaret’s tequila and full on party mode version of the original Xochimilco in Mexico City. It will definitely have its own post in the future because I have so much to say about it!

From the moment you arrive, the fiesta begins. You get to meet so many people and have a great time on board. The tequila games are definitely fun, you dance, you sing, and before you know it, you’re bffs with everyone!

Again, my parents went with us this year so the way we did it was- they went as a couple one night and we went the following night. That allowed us to leave our babies with them at the hotel. I did see a couple people brought their kids along though. 


Xenses I have to say is wonderfully strange. It is a park way way way smaller than all of the others, but still has a lot to offer. Your senses will definitely be heightened when you complete the various activities here. Your mind will tell you one thing while your senses, make you feel something completely different.

There is no effective way for me to describe this park, as you have to experience it for yourself, but basically it is several small activities that make you rethink reality. Xenses is a park you do not have to reserve admission for, so you can easily shuttle back and forth. There are no restaurants like at the other parks, so make sure to eat beforehand.


Chichen Itza is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Again, I may be biased because I am Mexican, but this historical place is magnificent! The astounding view and actually marking this off our bucket list was spectacular!

This is a tour you have to reserve with the hotel ahead of time just like with Xel-ha and Xochimilco. There are different choices of tours but we picked the simplest one as we were then traveling with our 1 year old. The tour included stopping in a town for a cultural presentation, visiting Chichen Itza, then visiting a cenote. The cenote was a breath of fresh air and definitely brought us back to life!

Final Thoughts

If you are a person that loves exploring and being out and about, then this is for you! If you are more like my dad, that likes to just relax and not visit so many parks, then this might not be cost effective. Also, do not let traveling with babies stop you from booking your vacation. Like I’ve mentioned before, of course it will require some modifications to your itinerary, but it is still possible and well worth it. I promise!!

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