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Self-Care During the Holiday Season

If you haven’t noticed already, there is no time clock when it comes to motherhood. You do not get to clock in and out for the day. Mommying 24/7 is exhausting. For that same reason, you need to make sure to take time out and practice self-care.

Browsing through social media I have come across several posts where moms shame other moms for taking time out for themselves. As a mom you also receive the passive aggressive comments from those around you. “Must be nice to have your parents watch the kids while you and your husband go on a date Liz” This makes me very sad because moms should help lift each other up NOT tear one another down! But, “Yes Karen, it is nice to go out on a date with my husband and be kid free for a couple hours!” Yes, I still love my kids. No, it doesn’t make me a bad mom enjoying the time off.

With the holiday season upon us, attending to your self-care might be something you think you have to neglect, but DON’T!

Sometimes we get way over our head and stress ourselves out with unnecessary things during holidays. This year, let’s try something different! Let’s simplify things and actually enjoy the season!

Below you will find a couple ideas that I hope will help take some stress off this holiday season and allow you to have more time to work on your self-care.

Keep your visiting plans simple

I often hear friends mention how they are so exhausted because they have to visit 37 different houses and parties during the holidays. Well, what if I told you that you didn’t have to? Gasp! It’s actually that simple! Talk it out with your partner and decide your holiday plan. Discuss the option of attending fewer parties; hosting something smaller just for close family and friends, shoot, even staying in can be an option!

Christmas shopping alone

Shopping malls and stores are not always ideal for kids. They get restless and for a good reason! They are in huge crowds with people and are not allowed to touch many things. Their fussiness makes mama anxious and no shopping gets done. Sound familiar? Well this year try shopping alone. You’d be surprised how much shopping you get done and how fun a little trip to Target can be when you have time to yourself!

Barnes & Noble and coffee time

There’s nothing like getting lost in a book and enjoying some solo time along with a delicious cup of coffee. This of course can look different and be accommodated to your needs. My baby is still breastfeeding so I cannot leave her too long. A realistic option for us would be my husband taking the kids to the children’s book area, while I sit in a different area quietly working by myself. Close by incase my baby needs to eat, but still able to be a lone and focus on me for a little while.

Nails and hair appointments

I don’t know about you but nothing makes me feel better than getting my hair and nails done. Even if it is a simple blow out, I always feel rejuvenated! A full set doesn’t hurt either!

Brunch with your tribe

Your tribe whether it is big or small, is always a go- to when it comes to self-care. You can catch up, vent, or just chat and discuss the different holiday plans y’all have planned.

Dinner date with your hubby

Holiday season can be hectic, but that does not mean you have to neglect yourself or your relationship. You and your home come first, everything else can come second. A simple dinner out with your significant other is sure to brighten up the mood and give you a chance to catch up with each other.

Final Thoughts

You do not have to be stressed this holiday season. I repeat- you DO NOT have to be stressed! Like that old saying goes “Closed mouths don’t get fed.” If you don’t speak up and state what you need, chances are, you won’t get what you want! Ask for help, simplify plans, do anything that will help with your mental health this season please mama!

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