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Grief and Celebratory Ornaments

In the Hispanic culture when you find out you are pregnant, you are often recommended to keep the news to yourself until the second trimester. The reasoning behind this advice is outdated and silly really. “You don’t want to jinx the pregnancy and lose the baby.” Pretty bizarre isn’t it?

Honestly, that advice/mindset actually goes past the Hispanic culture. I remember being pregnant with my first baby and sharing the news with a group of coworkers/close friends from various cultural backgrounds. They were overjoyed with happiness for me, but did say “Well, just make sure to keep it to yourself for a little while longer since you’re just a couple weeks, because you don’t want to, you know..” Those comments raised my anxiety to a whole other level! What did they mean? What was going to happen?

No doubt pregnancy loss is very real and very heartbreaking, but why should we live in constant fear and not want to share we are expecting right away? Even if we were to lose our baby, our baby was OUR baby. Our baby existed and mattered! Whether our baby’s heart was beating for one day or one month, it is still a baby and should be remembered and celebrated. We need to be more open minded and talk about these kinds of things, for our well being and self care!

That being said, last year I rolled out personalized ornaments in my little crafting business page- Gifts by Lizzy and they were a hit! Why? Because Christmas is a time when we want to be with all of our loved ones, no matter if they are with us physically or not.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are times when we want to celebrate great news, but we don’t because we have feelings of guilt. For example, breastfeeding my first was a difficult journey but we did it and it was a 14 month old strong journey at that! I still felt guilt sharing our success with friends and other moms who weren’t able to breastfeed that long for whatever reason. However, the breastfeeding ornament I created for our tree was intimate and perfect to celebrate our journey

Below you will find examples of the different ornaments available.

Angel Baby

There are many women out there that have experienced a loss, many who are too hurt to even talk about it. This ornament helps keep their memory alive.

Remembering Our Loved Ones

"Your wings were ready, but my heart was not" My dad loved receiving this ornament of his parents last year. The look in his eyes was indescribable.


This one hits close to home as I don't only have one brother in heaven, but two. The reaction my mom had with this ornament was priceless. She loves we keep their memory alive.


An old saying a lot of us often find true.


My doctor is an angel on Earth! She helped me my entire pregnancy and there will never be enough words to thank her. I gifted her this ornament and she absolutely loved it!


Here is the ornament I mentioned earlier. Breastfeeding is no joke! Whether your journey lasted 1 day or 1 year, you and your nursling need to celebrate!

Baby's First

Baby's first Christmas is always one to remember!


The first Christmas as newlyweds is one so special and exciting!

Best Friend

Sometimes we are lucky enough to have our friends become family. This is a simple, yet perfect ornament to celebrate them.


Nursing is one of the most beautiful careers out there. If you are fortunate enough to know a nurse, make sure to thank them for everything they do!

Santa Pictures

Santa magic is always special! A picture of your little ones with him will definitely be one of your favorite ornaments!

Fur Babies

Where would we be without our fur babies?! These cute little ornaments will make any fur mama's Christmas!

Santa Cam

Because sometimes our little ones need help getting on the nice list. This santa cam is perfect to keep them in check!

Final Thoughts

This year I am ecstatic to continue making more ornaments. Whether you want to remember your angel baby, your loved one that is no longer with you, or you want to celebrate your new marriage, breastfeeding journey, fur babies, or whatever it may be, I am here for you and can craft your perfect ornament! HERE is the link to my Facebook Page where you can place you order. Talk to you soon!

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