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2 Super Easy Thanksgiving Treats for Your Little Ones

Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but I absolutely love creating monthly holiday themed treats and crafts. In the classroom, my students always looked forward to our holiday treats. Now that I am a mother, you can imagine my excitement when it comes to creating things with my littles so they can give out. No they do not attend actual school yet, but passing out treats at our public library during story time is just as exciting!

At one of my old campuses where I used to teach, whenever a teacher had to leave early, if a substitute teacher wasn’t available, the kids would be split up between the rest of the grade level. I remember it was December and my class was finishing up their writing assignment and they were about to make their Christmas craft to go along with it. I always had extra materials, so the kids that had been split up and were now in my classroom were able to receive their own set of materials so they could complete their craftivity. Everywhere I’ve taught, I have always ran a tight ship and classroom management was something I took a lot of pride in. That being said, when a teacher needed help, I somehow always ended up with their students that struggled with behavior. That December afternoon was no different.

I explained the activity to our visitors and without hesitation, they got right to it. No fuss, no whining, no anything. They just started! Wait a minute, these were the same kids my co-worker had been complaining about the entire semester. Their behavior that afternoon proved the point I always try to make to my fellow teachers. These kids WANT to participate in fun activities. They WANT to make crafts. They WANT to be creators. They take a lot of pride and ownership in what they make, WE just have to give them a chance!!

Coming off my soapbox now. Anyways, here are two SUPER easy activities you can make with your little ones to share with their friends. We made both of these last year and my toddler had a great time helping making them, but enjoyed passing them out even more!! I hope you and your littles enjoy!

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Turkey Legs

I think this was my favorite activity to make, not only because it was simple, but because it was unique. It’s essentially just a paper bag filled with whatever treats you have at home. We opted to fill the bags with fruit snacks, pudding, and other small goodies. I had a small tray available so I placed the turkey legs in it and off went my baby to share with his friends!


  • Paper bags
  • rubber bands
  • popsicle sticks
  • “bone” cut out or hand drawn
  • treats of your choice
  • glue
  • name label- optional


  1. fill bag with treats of your choice
  2. glue “bone” to popsicle stick
  3. using the rubber band, attach bag to bone 
  4. optional- name label/greeting

Turkey Bubbles

If you read my Halloween Treats post, you noticed I used bubbles there too. If you are a mother to little ones, bubbles are now your best friend! They’re so fun and versatile! Check out the ones we did below.  



  1. glue feathers to the bubbles container carefully 
  2. wrap construction paper around bubbles and glue down
  3. glue googly eyes and beak
  4. optional- name label/greeting

Final Thoughts

There are so many different ways you can make these crafts to accommodate your budget and whatever supplies you have at home. It’s not really about what you make, it’s more about spending time with your baby and creating something fun, something they can take ownership in, something they can give to others. While you are creating, remember to also speak to your little ones about the main reason we celebrate Thanksgiving!!

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