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Jeannette Gutierrez WOTM November 2019

For our November 2019 Woman of the Month I’d like to feature a person that is kind beyond measure. A person so sweet and genuine it almost seems unreal! She has been through so much, yet she manages to be the sweetest most genuine person you will meet. My very own best friend Jeannette Gutierrez. Below you will find a quote that I love and reminds me of her all the time!

I asked her to share with you whatever it is she wanted and this is what she had to say:

Texas seems like a lifetime ago. Like I lived there in another life. I went back there recently because I attended my estranged father’s funeral.
The palm trees greeted me as I looked out the window. I tried to remember the buildings.

It was a strange feeling attending the funeral. I knew I was not going to run into him but I kinda was, if that makes sense. For so long I wanted nothing to do with him. I told him so.

There I was at his funeral not knowing how to feel. Sadness? Anger? Shock?
I was not sure how to feel. Typically a child will grieve their parent. How does one react when you chose to stay away from them for so many years? I think the only sadness I felt was the missed opportunity. The relationship we could have had. I tried so hard when I was little to love my father. He was an alcoholic who beat up my mother and I. When you fear someone, there is no room for love.

I know my lovely friend Liz runs this blog and talks about hispanic culture. It made me think. I watch Mujer Casos De La Vida Real and I often see the man is abusive and runs the household like a dictator while the woman just lowers her head and is expected to just take it. I grew up not wanting that for myself. Break the cycle. I don’t drink alcohol because of my father. No recreational drugs. My father’s side of the family are alcoholics. I cannot fathom drinking one drop of alcohol. That’s how repulsed I am by it.

Back to the funeral. I asked to see his body. Idk why I wanted to. Maybe to see what he looked like because I had forgotten what he looked like. Maybe to make me face that he was really gone. I did not feel sadness looking at him. I felt odd. I almost felt bad like I wish I could have changed the past. Yet I knew that beer had put a barrier between us. The only thing that shocked me was I did not expect him to die when I was only 29. I did cry during a slideshow with pics of us. I felt like I was a little girl again and I was back during the time my dad and I were still talking.

I’m 30 now (well I will be at the time of this publication)
and I now focus on things to lift my spirits. I have gone through so much tragedy. If Liz ever wants me to write more, I will.

The Valley is bittersweet to me. It has so many wonderful things. I picture the Charro Days parade. The women in beautiful colorful dresses. The men in their suits and hats.The food. Omg how I miss the delicious food. I had to have barbacoa when I was in TX. Yes, they barbacoa elsewhere but it’s not the SAME. I got excited because in MN they had barbacoa, but it was sweet! Nooooo

Laredo Stripes tacos are so yummy. One time I was fortunate enough to meet and talk with Ricky Munoz from Intocable, I was sitting in his tour bus just chilling. I told him those were delicious tacos. He said no! That real tacos were in other places. (I forgot where he said)
I felt like I was being tested on my heritage. Like if you don’t know THE tacos to eat, you get your Latinx card revoked. Jk but seriously.

Sorry, I am jumping over the place. Liz let me write from the heart and I am just writing it as it pops into my mind.

Speaking of Liz, she is one of the things I loved about the Valley. We met after volunteering at an animal shelter as an assignment for one of our college courses.  Oh we had so much fun. We would go to South Padre Island. Omg I remember Schlitterbahn. Then there were times when we’d just relax and watch tv at home. She found Silent Library to be funny. We watched a silly movie called Wind Chill that will always be part of our memories as we both found it so weird.

There are many many other things that I miss from the Rio Grande Valley, but for now, I will keep those memories alive in my heart.

Fast forward to the present- I started my YouTube channel. I discuss true crime and other interesting topics. I want to discuss those who have no voice. It’s important to talk about them. I watch a lot of true crime shows and I am intrigued and scared with how the human mind works. What drives a person to kill. It’s probably because I am a Scorpio that leads me to be an armchair detective. I could never fathom doing that. I am also saddened by the lives lost. Each person has a unique story and I am determined to tell it.

Final Thoughts

As you know, Mami Thinks will always have the WOTM provide a freebie. I, Jeannette, volunteered to offer advice and help for those who are wanting to start a YouTube channel and do not know where to start. Whether it is questions like what equipment to use, or how to record your first video, I’m here! I can help brainstorm as well.

What topics interest? What could you talk about for hours?
Also don’t worry if there are hundreds out there who cover the same topics/genre…you are unique. You bring your unique experiences and personality to it. So don’t be afraid to chase your passion! It’s a big world and there is an audience out there looking for someone like you!


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