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Free Makeup Every Month

I don’t know about you, but makeup is a HUGE part of my self-care. I remember counting down the days until I turned 15 because that’s the age when my mom would finally allow me to wear makeup.

Fast forward to today where I’m home with both babies and currently not working, not a lot of money or time left for makeup. So, I had to get creative. After doing a little research, I found out about the Ultamate Rewards MasteCard Program by Ulta.

Disclaimer: I am not getting paid in any way to promote this credit card. I just love the rewards and it currently works out perfectly for me!


If you have shopped at Ulta before, you already know they have a pretty cool rewards program where you receive points from each purchase. Well, the MasterCard takes it a little further. You can earn 2 points for every dollar spent at Ulta and 1 point for every $3 spend outside of Ulta (anywhere MasterCard is accepted.) Bonus: there is no annual fee! All subject to credit approval.

You are probably thinking this all sounds great, but where does the free makeup come into play? Well, when I was approved for the card, I added my husband as a user so we could both get a card. We both agreed to use this card responsibly just like we do with our other card and make sure to not let the balance add up. We swipe the card when we make big purchases and let the rewards points add up. Once points add up, I use them to get free makeup at checkout!

Ulta also releases 20% off your purchase coupons often, so I make sure to take advantage of the coupon to get even more makeup. Below you will find an example of how I paid approximately $3 for $160 worth of makeup. Yes, you read that right, THREE dollars.

Scenario 1 (as my couponing friend calls it)

My car needed new tires last month, since this was a big purchase, we charged it to the Ulta MasterCard and I earned points for it. The points added on to previous points we’ve earned from other big purchases or little ones too, like pumping gas.

  1. I then shopped the Ulta website for makeup and added $160 worth of products (before tax) to my cart.
  2. I entered my 20% coupon code at checkout and once applied, it brought my total down to $128.
  3. I then scrolled down and selected the option to apply 2000 of my rewards program points (which in their rewards point system is equal to $125.)That brought my total to approximately $3!

Of course those $3 could have been $0 if I had added $157 initially to my cart, but I’m a little OCD and needed that even $160.

That’s it! That’s my secret on how I get my free makeup! I do not always use 2000 reward points, because they do take a little while to accumulate depending on your spending, sometimes it’s less points I do use, but it is definitely a huge help not having to spend a lot of money on makeup anymore.

Of course I do not always use the points and free makeup on myself. For example, if we have a birthday coming up or when it is Christmas time, I use our points and coupons to purchase the gifts! Cologne for my dad’s birthday gift? Got it. Sister has been wanting to try a new foundation? No worries. Little one needs more Aquaphor diaper cream? Just add it to the cart!

Final Thoughts

Like I mentioned earlier, makeup is a part of my self-care, it makes me feel good and it is one thing I have not given up now that I am a mother. Buying gifts with our points and knowing I don’t have to dig into our main family budget is wonderful! So if you do decide to get it, remember this is just like any other credit card that you have to use responsibly. What about you Mami? Is makeup a big part of your self care? Leave a comment below or shoot me an email.

Look forward to hearing from you,


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