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I remember chatting with a friend and celebrating her new gig as a Sunday school teacher. All smiles came to a screeching halt when she shared with me how on her first day, she passed out bibles so the kids could familiarize themselves with them. She stopped dead in her tracks when a handful of the younger students were tapping the bible instead of turning the pages. These kids thought it was another kind of electronic device! Couldn’t even recognize it was a book. A book! I was mortified.

Maybe it was not that big of a deal, but to me it was. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she told me that story. Sure I’m a bookworm, and probably biased, but how did these babies automatically start tapping instead of just turning the page?

Trust me, I’m all for practicality and love me a good read on a Kindle, or just on my regular cell, but we can’t just do away with books completely!

It is advised you start to read to your baby when it’s in the womb and for a very good reason. Babies are tiny sponges that absorb everything!! Books may be one of the last things on your mind, or you might think that they are difficult to obtain, but this post will provide you with 9 different places you can get books for your baby either for free, or at a low price!

Public Library

I have always loved our public library. So, when I had the chance to take my own baby for the first time, it was amazing! Each branch is different but they are all alike in the sense that you can check out books for free and take them home for you little one to enjoy! In order to check books out, you will need to register for a library card. Our branch requires you to show your driver’s license or identification card. That’s it!

Public Library Book Sale

Our library has book sales every so often. I have seen some books listed for as little as 10 cents and other books that are buy one- get one free! The profits from the sales help fund the library’s other programs like story time or other clubs. So it is a win- win situation! You get super affordable books for your baby that you don’t have to worry about returning, and the library gets money to help run their programs!

Half Price Books

I first heard of HPB during college. I purchased several of my books from them. They have incredibly low priced books that are either new or used. When I discovered their children’s section, I fell in love! I was able to help build my son’s library without breaking the bank. We have several HPB stores in Texas, and after a quick online search, I saw they are also in other states.

Facebook Marketplace

I was very skeptical about Facebook Marketplace when a friend of mine recommended I search for books there, but I am glad I gave it a try! People post their items for sale and they are usually set at a great price. If you search for books around the end of the school year, you will find posts from several teachers listing books from their classroom libraries in hopes of de-cluttering their rooms. Remember to always exercise caution when meeting up to purchase the books!

Facebook Community Group Pages

A lot of residential communities have Facebook pages set up where the homeowners post announcements and items they have for sale. This is a perfect place to find books at a reasonable price without even leaving your neighborhood!

Consignment Shops

I have to admit I am not a fan of consignment shops, but if it means I can get several books for a cheap price, I’m all for it! There are also a couple different consignment shop events that advertise themselves on social media, make sure to keep an eye out for those!

Birthday Presents

Family and friends usually start asking what your child wants for their birthday a couple month’s prior. Instead of the usual gifts, you can try asking for books instead. Of course new toys are always fun, but we all know the novelty of a new toy wares off quickly! On the other hand, a book can sit in a child’s library for a long time and often be revisited. If you are sending out birthday party invitations, mentioning you’d like books instead of gifts is a great idea!


If you are anything like me, you do NOT need another reason to visit Amazon, but hear me out on this one. Amazon is a fantastic place to shop for books as they are constantly having sales and promotions on books. The two day shipping is a bonus as I am always thrilled to get books delivered right to my doorstep.

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble has got to be one of my favorite places to visit! Bringing baby along now is always a good time. There are so many fantastic books to indulge in! Their designated children’s area is so well put together; you and baby will find yourselves spending a long time there without even noticing! Books here are often pricier than all the other options I have mentioned above, but there are usually sales and coupons you can apply to help bring your total down some. Make sure to also check their website, as there’s often fun events and story times going on that will hook your little reader.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter where you get books. All that matters is that you get books in front of your baby so that you don’t find them tapping on them instead of turning the pages. Kidding! No, but really, get those books for your little ones. Let them see you reading too. Cultivate the love for reading today, your child will thank you for it later!

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